The Middle East Health Observatory for Research and Studies (MEHORS) enhances the use of research in the decision making process. It identifies, designs, and implements studies that cover priority public health areas. With its special focus being on Primary Health Care, MEHORS’s research studies address the challenges affecting maternal and child health, infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases. Identifying opportunities for undertaking low-cost research when resources are scarce, MEHORS takes on the secondary analyses of large datasets that address high priority research questions.

With a team of public health experts on board, the organization makes use of valid data sources. In doing so, it assists entities in reviewing their knowledge repository. Influencing regional public health development, MEHORS responds to health demands and needs. Moreover, it promotes scientific investigation and research recognition in public health while applying the highest standards of applied, collaborative, results-oriented research.

Translating Research into Action for better Public Health Systems

Research Consulting Provides a Dynamic Environment for Research Excellence

Our Vision

Lead the creation of scientific knowledge and its transformation into public health policy and practice.

Our Mission

Strengthen research capacity to meet public health challenges; and improve knowledge sharing, research cooperation and the uptake of research into policy and practice.


We Aim at:

  • Creating new scientific knowledge by conducting high quality research to improve public health programs and policies.
  • Encouraging the use of information and knowledge to leverage and scale up research.
  • Building research capacity to increase the use of applied research.
  • Providing a platform for public health researchers by developing a regional collaborative research network.

Our Focus

We offer a range of services that focus on research application, including, but not limited to, the development and implementation of quantitative and qualitative research, development of data collection systems and registries, data analysis, situation analysis, program assessment and evaluation, and capacity building. These services are categorized into three programmatic service areas that include research, training, and consultancy.

Why We Do It

MEHORS works to address pressing public health issues. Its operations contribute to strengthening health systems. To achieve its goals, it implements research in order to bridge the gap between knowledge and action. Through its services, it strives to build a community of practitioners who promote scientific evidence and applied research. It works to support the use of research findings in policy and practice, and it seeks significant improvements through appropriate action. Furthermore, it works to promote dialogue and collaboration among researchers, program planners and health managers.

It strengthens research capacity to meet public health challenges; and improve knowledge sharing and research cooperation. MEHORS also works on creating new scientific evidence and the translation of this evidence into improved and more effective public health services. It believes that the application of knowledge into practice can improve the health of populations. Therefore, MEHORS includes in its mandate leadership, management, with public health research evidence that can facilitate informed decisions thus resulting in better public health practices, improved programs and effective policies.