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We offer a range of services that focus on research application, including, but not limited to, the development and implementation of quantitative and qualitative research, development of data collection systems and registries, data analysis, situation analysis, program assessment and evaluation, and capacity building. These services are categorized into three programmatic service areas that include research, training, and consultancy.


We aim at enhancing the use of research in making decisions. We target our efforts towards identifying, designing and implementing research studies in priority public health areas with special focus on Primary Health Care issues, such as: maternal & child health, infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases. We identify opportunities for undertaking low cost research when resources are scarce. We believe that secondary analyses of available large datasets can address high priority research questions that would otherwise be very expensive and time consuming to investigate. We also utilize available valid data sources to assist entities in reviewing their knowledge repository.


We offer training in areas that bring advancement to public health and help foster a research culture. These training opportunities aim at strengthening the capacity of public health professionals in order to increase their involvement in research and advance scientific investigations that can bring about improvements in different areas, such as:

  • Research Process
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Data for Decision Making
  • Epidemiology for Action
  • Scientific Writing
  • Applied Statistics


We provide consultancy service and expert assistance in areas related to research, statistics and epidemiology. Our expertise covers a wide range of experience in public health research using state-of-the-art data collection and analysis methods. We offer a full range of services tailored to need, such as: evaluation services, high quality research to inform policy and practice, feasibility studies, and program reviews. We also provide experts’ advice and assistance in different areas of public health.